Bootcut Jeans - The Hottest Comeback From The 60s This Fall

Bootcut Jeans - The Hottest Comeback From The 60s This Fall

The trends in men’s jeans have been pretty simple for the past few decades. Of course, we men are simple beings and prefer simple things. Give us straight fit jeans, we’ll wear ‘em for three decades. Give us skinny jeans and we’ll run them down everywhere - even at the office! So it is only fair that at the turn of this past decade which has been ruled by tapered and skinny jeans, for the most part, we men are on the prowl for new looks and trends. In that hunt itself, we have come across a trend as old as our fathers - the bootcut jeans.

So, why now? What’s the driving force behind the heartthrob of the ‘60s? The jeans have been the style statement of behemoths like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix & even the young kids of the 70s - Led Zeppelin. Coming around India, these jeans were worn by every Bollywood hero, be it the retro juggernaut Amitabh Bachhan or the late 90s heartthrob Salman Khan.

The revolution started from the return of the athleisure fits from the late 90s and early 2000s. Athleisure has become wildly successful with Stussy, Supreme, Balenciaga and other streetwear designer labels. As we searched for something more sophisticated and office-like, we came across the uber comfortable and stylish bootcut jeans men.

Well, the first and foremost, bootcut jeans are quite open on the calves and you know what that means. No more unnecessary static on your legs or pinching your leg hair. Apart from this, bootcut jeans for men go great with shirts and polos to give you an overall clean and tidy look. So, how do you make the most of this new trend?

Here’s our bootcut jeans look book to give you some inspo -

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Harry styles spotted in London in Bell Bottom Jeans
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London in Bell Bottom Jeans Snitch

Balenciaga’s new Bootcut jeans collection

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Dior showcasing the new Bootcut jeans at the Paris Fashion Week 2021
Photo: Dior, Instagram

Said ali khan - Snitch

Saif Ali Khan sporting Bootcut jeans