Tips To Rock The Shorts This Summer

After an entire year of being enclosed within the confines of our homes, we can’t wait for the roaring summer of 2021. To battle the sweltering heat that accompanies it, a great item to invest in this summer is a versatile pair of shorts for men to help you navigate through the humidity in style. If you’re thinking of buying shorts for men online this year, here’s our tips on how to style them. 

Prints all the way

Printed shorts are a good investment for the summers. It brings a hint of flamboyance mixed with the right tinge of cool. Browsing for shorts for men online can be confusing, mostly because of the wide range available but a pair of printed shorts is a summer staple. 

A socky faux pas

The biggest fashion faux pas you can commit while wearing shorts is pairing it with knee high socks. The whole look becomes simply odd and quite an eyesore. Instead of knee-high socks, go for liner socks instead. 

Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to pair up your casual shorts with shirts. They work wonderfully well and give off a vibe of quiet sophistication that works well for the warm summer gatherings. When searching for shorts for men online, looking for certain shirts that can be paired with shorts is a good idea.  

Risky affair

When we talk about risks, we talk about jorts. Jorts, or jean shorts are very tricky to style well. There are rules that concern jorts, for instance, never wear it to work. Jorts should be paired with the most minimal of clothing such as a plain tee. 

Cool quotient

Up your cool quotient by investing in a pair of cargo shorts. Just like cargo pants, it has a lot of side pockets to store little knick knacks and are extremely comfortable for warm sunny days. 

Trend alert

If you’re looking to buy shorts for men online, don’t overlook the trendy chino shorts. If you like chinos, you’re going to love its shorter version for the summer. They’re trendy, light and will make you feel dapper as well. 

Shorts with t-shirts are a great way to beat the heat and look uber cool doing it. Shop for a wide range of classic and trendy shorts at affordable prices from Snitch and feel like the king of cool this summer!


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