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Stay chill in all-new shorts from Snitch

There's nothing more comfortable than a pair of stretchable and light shorts for men online. The comfort and mobility while wearing white and black shorts are superior. You can style these with polo t-shirts or printed, basic or slogan t-shirts and a pair of casual sneakers and be ready for a casual day out. 

Shorts for men online have an illustrious history, coming from tunics and togas which eventually paved the way for modern white and black shorts, nowadays men prefer to wear shorts in the gym or while playing sports, simply for comfort and ease of movement. Fashion-forward European men wore what were called ‘knee breeches’ before they were introduced into sports apparel a thousand years later. In the 14th century, military personnel used shorts as a way to keep heavily packed and armed soldiers cooler while serving in tropical climates. The trend almost immediately caught on, and soon many civilians were beginning to sport these so-called knee trousers as casual wear.

Although it was heresy to wear shorts for men online outside your house in the olden days, now you don't need to wear trousers to go out and have fun with your friends. It is important to know which shorts for men can be worn outside though. So, let's take a look at the types of shorts and how to style them:

  • Gym white and black shorts are made of high absorbing materials which absorb your sweat and keep it on the surface to ease the drying process. Although super comfortable during activities, these are not comfortable to wear at home and don't style well if you plan on wearing them when heading out.
  • Cotton shorts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes from casual home shorts to printed, funky outdoor shorts for men, you can get the best shorts for men online according to your needs.
  • Cargo shorts are great for all your utilitarian needs. Great to wear during hikes and trail walking, these shorts have a lot of pockets and are made from durable materials.

So, we hope this guide made it a bit easier for you to choose white and black shorts and shorts for men online. Check out the complete collection here and get yourself something nice and fun to wear today! Available in a slew of colours and styles, check out our premium offerings now!



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