5 Festive Attire Ideas For Diwali [2022]

Oh yes, It’s THAT time of the year when festivals round-up around every corner! We’re sure that you’re already pretty worked up. To ease it up for you, we’re here to help you add glitters to your wardrobe.
Here’s 5
Men’s Festive Attire ideas for you to rock this season:



The safest way to style mens’ festive attires are prints. Honestly, Paisley is the safest choice. It is so versatile that it can be clubbed with any organic or abstract element and it’ll blend right in. Look for multicolor prints in your comfort fits. 


Stripes are for those who have zero patience to invest time in styling. You really thought I’d say something like this? NO! Stripes are classics. And year by year, brands come up with their own versions and adaptations of stripes. 

These are easy to pair with and the go-to pattern for literally every man. However, they sure might lack the festive feel. So, make sure to accessorize them well. Pair up your look with pointed leather shoes and a classic leather belt.
Honestly, they deserve much more credit. If styled well, stripes will never bore you!


The amount of variations in checks are just insane. You can never go out of fashion when you decide to wear them because every new season brings new patterns in this category. Pair them up with solid pants and you’re all set for every occasion. Get ready to do your best style-check with checks. 


How about giving a festive look to the same old solids? Use contrasting and rich colors. Focus on the material- Look for materials like Satin or Seer Sucker that give out festive vibes. If you’re unsure of your festive look- this is the safest option to go for. Look solid with solids! 



Layers are the essence of every festive wardrobe. Layering with printed Jackets/ Coats/ Blazers will definitely add richness to your festive attire.

If this is your style, our festive jackets are what you’ve been looking for. 

Let’s now move onto some basic styling insights for the perfect mens festive attire.

   1. Follow the hot festive palettes and focus on colors that compliment your skin tone. If your skin has a warm undertone; you’ll rock every look in earthly/ organic shades. Include colors like Emerald, Brown, Ivory, Amber, Peach, Mustard, warm shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, etc.

If your skin has a cool undertone; go for shades of Grey, Green, Pink and Blue, Navy and Black to bring out the best in you.

How to check your undertone?

Warm Undertone: The veins on the inside of your wrist will appear more greenish.
Cool Undertone: The veins on the inside of your wrist will appear more bluish.

  1. I know that the rush to dress differently every festive season is insane, and it’s amazing to try and stand out. But DON’T overdo it. Too much of a good thing ain’t so good either! :P

  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your existing wardrobe.
    As contradicting as it sounds, but if you can pick something up from your wardrobe and style it in a modish festive format, do it. It’s NOT mandatory to buy something new every time. 
    Ultimately most of the new pieces just go hide in the back of our wardrobes after being worn once. Don’t be embarrassed to repeat outfits and follow sustainable practices wherever possible. 

Snitch develops cross- seasonal collections keeping in mind that these garments don't go to waste later on after the festive times get over. You can wear them any time; at an event, at a party, for a casual outing or even when you’re out on a date. 

  1. Spring aesthetics are never out of fashion. Infact, floral prints and pastel hues should be categorized as go-to pieces for any look. So, when it feels like literally nothing is working out - florals are gonna be there to save the day. 

Whether it is about checks, stripes, or any other pattern, own it all.
Prints are not just for women, you can make a great fashion statement by trying out some prints this festive season. 

We hope you have a much broader sense of styling for the upcoming festivities after giving this blog a read. Get ready to dazzle in style with Mens’ Festive Attire ideas.