CAPSULE WARDROBE: The Minimal Closet of 2022

 Less is the new more

Fashion takes its inspiration from everything happening around us. It observes the needs and wants of people and adapts to ever changing scenarios. One such trend that has branched out of this practice is a Capsule Wardrobe.

Terms like ‘capsule wardrobe’ and ‘minimalism’ have become hot topics of conversations as a result of our fast paced lives. Fashion has evolved majorly with new terms being coined in.  

However ‘up to the minute’ it may sound, the concept of a capsule wardrobe goes back to beyond half a decade when shopping had recently become a fad.

Packing for a week-long trip is now equal to packing for two months! Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be. Thanks to the idea of a capsule wardrobe. It brings you freedom, keeps your closet stylish and unburdens you from carrying excessive luggage. Along with being very manageable, it lets you define your own style. It doesn’t have to necessarily be minimalist, but comes with a silver lining that makes fashion and styling sustainable. 

It provides you the freedom to get into your favourite outfits regardless of the time of the year and allows you to carry them across seasons through gradual transition.

Transitional wardrobes also play a very significant role in this. Your capsule requires some pieces for the shift from every summer to winter, back and forth. Transitional wardrobe makes sure that  you have enough pieces for the upcoming season along with the current styles. So, when the weather takes a turn, it does not catch you unprepared!
“Fashion is a trend. Style is within a person.”
- Oscar de la Renta

What should an ideal Capsule Closet consist of?

A capsule closet is a successful combination of clothes that compliment each other. It can range from 25-50 items including shoes, socks and underwear:

- 8 to 10 tops (Including Shirt, T-shirts, Kurta, etc.)
- 2 to 3 uppers (Jacket, Hoodie, Cardigan)
- 2 to 4 bottoms (Trouser, Jeans, Chino, Pyjamas)
- 6 pair of socks
- 6 pair of underwear
- 2 bags (Fanny pack, Backpack, Purse)
- 2 belts (Formal, Casual)
- Other styling accessories (watch, jewellery, etc)

How to develop your capsule wardrobe?

Developing a capsule for the first time is not an easy task. It is like building a house. You start from scratch and gradually modify it for every alternate season.

I know my colours. Do you?  

- Start with making a profile for yourself. This will include basic information about your routine, likes, hobbies, insights of your face shape, body shape, skin tone, etc. 

- Do a small self-analysis of clothes or trends that you think you can flawlessly pull off. 

Always invest in quality basics.
For an efficient capsule wardrobe, you need to have versatile pieces that go with different outfits.

 Some suggested garments to have are :


Black turtle neck

Balmy Black Sweater 

White linen shirt


Blue denims

Blue Denim



Furthermore; a pair of black trousers, plain tees, stripes, button downs, black turtle neck, bomber jackets would make for a good capsule.
Along with this, always look for versatile accessories to pair it up with. 

Don’t forget the essentials.
With lines gradually blurring between casual and loungewear, be mindful of adding all time comfort pieces as well.

Stop the obsessive shopper in you! 

- DO NOT confuse this new wardrobe with new clothes! Incorporate the clothes that you already own. You can always buy trendy stuff whenever you feel like your closet needs new adaptation. 

Buy less, choose well. 

- Choose your garments as per the requirement as opposed to your preferences. It happens sometimes that you buy something too good and never even get a chance to wear it! 

- Figure out what suits you the best. Not every trend is for all. 

- Stick to the limit of the pre-decided number of pieces. 

Get clear on what matters by getting rid of everything that doesn’t. 

- Use the accessories for different looks but do not overdo it.  

- Try to mix, match and layer however much is possible. That way, you will have the required amount of clothes. 

Dressing up for work, going for a walk, a small weekend getaway, shopping or running errands are some things most of us would relate to. A capsule wardrobe should certainly be able to fulfil these.

It is a process of bringing out your best personality and it starts with decluttering your cupboard by weeding out the neglected items. Little  by little, it starts to feel more personal. A capsule wardrobe is not only stylish but it also helps follow a sustainable lifestyle. You are actually making a difference by reusing the same pieces again!
Be proud of yourself :D