Tips to ace men’s winter fashion trends in the New Year!

With 2022 wrapped up, it’s time we come up with ideas to rock 2023! And how else to kick-start the new year other than looking at being a trend-setter? While men’s winter fashion ideas and tips do not make as many rounds as women, we want to turn the tables and focus on making our men slay just as much. 

We want to put forward a few pieces that definitely need to have a place in your winter wardrobe. These pieces are sure to make heads turn and will indefinitely make you the heart-throb of any party you walk into - 


Varsity Jackets: Varsity jackets saw the daylight when students from Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Princeton took up their styling game a notch higher by bringing in jackets that represented their in-house sports teams. Varsity or Letter man jackets don’t only fall under trendy winter fashion for men but have been a sheer representation of athletes or jocks. As time passed, the athletes not only gained a lot of fame for their sports skills but also stood out significantly for their fashion game. It then took a leap and was worn by the likes of maestros Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, James Dean, etc. It became a symbol of many cultures over time and gained popularity as a must in the street-wear world. 


How to style a varsity jacket?

While a varsity in itself stands out as a trendy piece for winter, to style it in the best way, it should always be paired with a bottom that falls in the opposite hue of the jacket. Let's say the jacket is of a darker hue, a dark blue or a maroon, it will go best if paired with a light/opposite hued trouser or denim or chinos. Likewise, if the jacket is of a lighter hue, say a sky blue or an off white, a camel brown or dark-grey trousers would do justice to the look. 



Puffer Jackets: Puffer jackets, also known as quilted jackets are a winter must have as they serve not just one but two purposes at once. While it definitely is a trendy piece to fall under men’s fashion fits it also is a very light-weight piece which does not make one feel suffocated. 

Despite a puffer jacket being one to keep you warmest, it is safe to say that when placed next to woollen garments or leather jackets, puffers are definitely more airy, breezy. While puffers may look a little too bulky, it undoubtedly is a piece that goes under men’s fashion trends.

How to style a puffer jacket? 

While the puffer’s bold silhouette stands out in itself, to complement further in the winter fashion trends for men, it can be mixed and matched with open shirts and jazzy jumpers. 



Hoodies and Sweatshirts: We can all agree to the supremacy of a classic sweatshirt or a hoodie when it comes to trendy winter fashion tips. Just like regular blue denims are a classic while being an essential, so is a hoodie or a sweatshirt during the winter season. A sweatshirt or  a hoodie could look casual but is considered chic as well as athletic at the same time. It is peacefully seasonless, compliments every body type and extremely easy to layer it up. Hoodies and sweatshirts are timeless and will hold its place in smart casuals as well as street-wear making it a top gamer in winter fashion trends for men


How to style a hoodie or a sweatshirt? 

We don’t think we have to delve deeper in this. We all know it is timeless, classic and an extremely versatile piece. Wear it with your regular blue old-school denims or make it trendy by wearing a blazer or puffer on top of it. It will only keep getting as versatile as it can. Whether you wanna style it or leave it as is, hoodies and sweatshirts will never not hold a place in the list of winter fashion fits for men


Club-wear: With the entry of 2023, how can we not talk about how to be a head-turner at all the upcoming parties! While a classic pair of shirts with trousers or denims will never go out of trend, we are looking at how to amp up the sweet old combination. Shirts with very minimal patterns and embroideries that we have here are a classic twist. Pair it with your classic blue denim or with your formal trousers and be sure to be the heart-throb walking around! 

How to style such club-wear pieces? 

Club-wears like these shirts in itself will make a classic fashion statement but to save yourself from the cold, you can pair it with a sturdy leather or puffer jacket or a pair of formal blazers as well. 

Be it something as casual as a hoodie or a sweatshirt or something peppy as these club-wear shirts, it is a given that you have to give these pieces a place in your wardrobe to keep your fashion game on-point! With these pieces in place, you will not only ace your game but you will also be able to style it in multiple ways making it as versatile as it becomes.


We hope these pieces have provided an insight on how styling is nothing but keeping it versatile and comfortable at the same time. We hope this New Year you bedazzle in style leaving heads turning all around!  

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