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Curated for you, the best of Snitch.

Enter the atelier, where the craft is perfected.

Take a closer look

It’s the little things that count.

A new standard of Cotton

When it comes to Luxurious Cotton, there’s no substitution for Egyptian Giza – best of the breed, handpicked. Crafted only with finest quality to achieve a superior finish for a finest experience.

Chemical-free construction

Thanks to Egyptian Cotton’s natural structure and porous characteristics, the air movement is not restricted, making it breathable. Therefore, keeping the Luxe shirts hypoallergenic and safe for even sensitive skin.

Sartorial elegance

The shirt epitomises remarkable craftsmanship with attention to detail. Presenting fine details such as tailored fit and mother of pearl buttons.

Feel the difference

It undeniably holds true that it feels as good as it looks. Soft as Silk (quite literally), bringing natural comfort Day and Night.

Style Tip

Tuck it and Flaunt It

As a primer for the next level of dressing, our Shirts add in the novelty and interest. Like any decent styling trick, re-create a look by tucking in your shirt with an unbuttoned collar to elevate your look to new heights.

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